Piedmontese agnolotti

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Agnolotti alla piemontese

The agnolotti, a kind of stuffed pasta, are a specialty of the traditional area of  Monferrato, in the provinces of Alessandria and Asti, but spread throughout the region. There are variants of agnolotti, including agnolotti of  Pavia, which differ in the filling made whit stew.

The origin of the name is uncertain: the popular tradition identifies a cook named Monferrato Angiolino, also known as Angelot, the formulation of the recipe; in the years  the specialty of Angelot became the current Agnolotto.

Another more modern theory derives its name from the Piedmontese dialect ‘anulòt’ that nothing was that an iron ring used to cut this round shaped pasta, which according to some was just the primitive form of  agnolotti.

The traditional shape is squared, with the filling enclosed by two sheets of pasta. The main feature of the Piedmontese agnolotto, that differit from other specialties of filled pasta in the rest of Italy is the use of roasted meat for the filling.